Super Power Powder

The simplest, understated description of this powder would be as a pre-exercise powder, although its ingredients are aimed at the whole body providing an holistic approach to physical and mental agility.
Check out these amazing ingredients, sourced of course from mineralized soils -
  • Hemp seeds*,
  • pea protein*,
  • sunflower seeds*,
  • hemp protein*,
  • linseeds*,
  • almond*,
  • maca*,
  • sesame seeds*,
  • pumpkin seeds*,
  • ginseng*,
  • suma,
  • raspberry,
  • blackcurrant,
  • orange peel*,
  • liquorice*,
  • strawberry,
  • spirulina*,
  • astragalus*,
  • dandelion root*,
  • kelp*,
  • horsetail*,
  • pau d’arco*,
  • oatstraw*,
  • vitamin C extract from acerola cherry*.

( * = organic, the rest agricultural chemical free).

A fantastic and readily bio-available source of -
  • Protein
  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C and E
  • minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Iodine and Zinc
  • as well as a plethora of Phytonutrients.
These nutrients have been shown to help with -
  • Superior energy, 
  • blood oxygenation, 
  • stamina, 
  • concentration, 
  • recuperation and 
  • nutrition. 
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Super Power Powder
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For those times when you require a little bit extra, whether that be physical or mental exertion. SuperPowerPowder is packed full of the very best suppliers of essential nutrients. From seeds to peas, nuts, roots, fruits and algae, all supplied in a perfectly balanced and utilisable powdered mix, with the goal of maximizing physical and mental potential. Even without exercise it works as a superb pick-me-up.

Providing superior energy, with increased stamina and concentration from increased blood oxygenation. This unique formulation also greatly helps calcium absorption, aiding bone and tissue growth, as well as the full range of nutrition, nourishing your entire organism. The best pre-exercise powder by miles.


"I have been a trained runner for 40 years winning 20 World Masters titles and a triathlete for 4 years, so improvement is difficult, but taking Sensational Seeds and SuperPower Powder through this summer saw me hit new heights as an athlete. My running times have held up very well and my cycling improved without a doubt. I took two minutes off the 20k bike time trial I have done regularly for four years and my run splits are as good as my first year of triathlon. Recovery from training was better and it began to feel as though I couldn't hurt myself cycling. Unfortunately, in the World Triathlon Championships I was knocked off my bike by a competitor in an earlier race and only finished 6th, but at a subsequent European Duathlon Qualification race I won my age group by over 9 minutes (including the fastest bike split). This all shows that with the right nutrition I can look forward to future improvement, even at the age of 60." (Nigel Gates)

"Last weekend we went out clubbing and all we took was a smoothie with the SuperPowerPowder in and we danced all night." (Bernadette)