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The Seven Deadly Whites:


The Rise Of The Diseases Of Civilization (Book one) (Earth Books 2016)

After 10 years research, this shocking expose of the food and pharmaceutical industries shows how processed foods have opened the door to the diseases of civilization (cancers, heart disease, iatrogenics, dementia, depression, diabetes and more). The seven deadly whites are – sugar, dairy, flour, fats/oils, salt, rice and lies. The conclusions are stark and the evidence clear, with the solutions being a breath of fresh air. Available at either:

Seven Plants To Save The World


The Rise Of The Diseases Of Civilization (Book two) release date: Dec 2018

After Book One described how we have arrived at the current health calamity, where our death will be as a consequence of civilization. Book Two is a refreshing solution to how the systems that run this civilization can be undermined by as few as 7 plants. A completely new approach to a revolution - that intends to replace the corrupt, immoral, unequal and unsustainable systems upholding capitalism - from the perspective of the plants. It’s also the first epidemiological study of these plants, making it science led, whilst detailing the history and folk-lore of these plants, as well as being the first to go into so much detail about some miraculous, yet neglected plants. Seven Plants that are omnipresent, hiding in plain sight, have waited long enough. Here’s their story. A Gaia led revolution. Publication Date: TBC (pencil in December 2018)


Nigel Gates -- reghook.sportsview

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